We make iOS/Android apps and web sites for resale/consignment clothing stores. Among other features, our apps include the ability for customers to search inventory, and the ability of the business to send alerts via text message and/or email to customers based on the labels/styles and sizes that they are looking for. Below you will find screenshots of a sample app, along with descriptions of the features. We can customize an app for your business, including colors, icons, text, labels, styles, sizes, etc. Please contact us at resaleclothingapps@gmail.com if you need an app or website.

Home Screen1 Home Screen2


If the customer has not yet created an account with a smart phone number or email address, then when they click on the Shop icon they will see all available inventory. Once they create an account and are logged in, Shop directs them to a search engine that will filter the results by labels (or styles), item types, clothing sizes, denim sizes, and/or shoe sizes. If you carry a large number of labels, it may be better to have users search by styles, e.g. Boho Chic. Also, a Wish List is available so that customers can save links to items they are looking for until they are ready to purchase and the store is open for business.

Shop Results Shop Search
Shop Results Wish List

Alert Preferences

Once the customer has created an account with a smart number or email address, they can specify labels/styles, clothing sizes, shoe sizes, and/or denim sizes that they would like to be notified about. Then, when employees upload a picture and description of an item, text messages and emails will automatically be sent out to customers specifically looking for that kind of item, along with a description of the item, and a link to a page including its picture, price, shipping cost, store phone number, and other details. A sample text message sent to a customer might say something like:

Free People size s for $36.00 at Arcadia! http://poorlittlerichgirlresale.com/items/show_item/957

Alert Preferences

Call Us

You may have a separate call button for each of your stores.

Our Locations

You may display the locations of each of your stores, and driving directions will be provided to your customers when they select the arrow next to the store's name and address.

Our Locations

Social Media

The app can link to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Yelp pages.

Twitter Facebook
Instagram Yelp

Email Us

This feature opens the customer's email program and starts a new message to your store.


Store owners/employees ("administrators") have password-protected access to the web site for adding/removing items, and other features. Editing the inventory is very easy with either a tablet or a computer. An item can be edited (e.g. to change the price) or removed (congratulations!) by clicking the appropriate link next to each item's photo. Items in current inventory can be found very easily by using the column headers, which function as filters.


Creating a new item is very simple! Once the administrator types a character into the Label field, matching labels are suggested to the administrator. This helps to ensure correct spelling and speeds up entry. If the label does not exist in the database, the administrator can use the New Label link. A combination of client- and server-side validations prevent administrators from creating an item with a price or shipping cost less than 0, with an invalid label/item type/size, or without a photo or alert message. The Description field is optional, but can be used to describe color, style, damage, etc. If the administrator does not have time to create a custom alert message, a default message can be created with the click of a button. When the item is created, alerts are automatically sent out via text message and/or email to customers that have indicated that they wish to be notified of the arrival of an item matching the label and size (if applicable).

New Item


We can preload 200+ labels for you by default, or you can provide us with a list of labels that you would like us to pre-load, but it is very easy for an administrator to add or remove a label.

Item Types

By default, item types include activewear, bag or accessory, bottom, denim, dress or one-piece, shoes, or top. We are happy to customize item types for your business.


By default, valid sizes are as follows. We are happy to customize these for your business:


Store owners pay us a one-time setup fee and monthly fees, and we make the apps available to customers for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

The setup fee depends on what you would like us to build for you.

The monthly fees can be calculated as follows:

Monthly Fees
Server Size $18.99
Server Location Premium $0.00
Google G Suite Email Addresses $5.00
Maintenance $20.00
Total $43.99

The "small" server size will probably be sufficient for most resale clothing businesses. We recommend starting with "small", but we can easily upgrade it for you if it turns out more RAM or computing power is needed. Unless your business and most of your customers are located in Northern California, we recommend that we host your site in Oregon, Ohio, or Northern Virginia, whichever is closer, as the cost is lower than Northern California. Server fees do not apply if we are not building you a website or providing shop and alerts capabilities.

In order to send email or text message alerts, we need access to an email address from which we can send a large number of emails (text alerts are sent through email to SMS gateways). The best solution that we have found so far is Google G Suite. If you cannot provide us with an account to use, we can set one up for you with Google G Suite, and the cost will be $5.00/month. For most resale clothing businesses, the sending limits for one Google G Suite email account are sufficient. G Suite costs do not apply if we are not providing you with the ability to send email or text message alerts.

The maintenance fee includes fixing any bugs or restarting the server when necessary. The maintenance fee also includes minor changes to the app or site. Major changes will be charged by the hour.

You may cancel at any time, and we will simply disable the app and website.

If you are interested in an app and/or website, please contact us at (602) 390-1790 or resaleclothingapps@gmail.com. Please provide: